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Baby Capsule Hire – which one should I hire?

At Just take the Kids we regularly get calls from soon to be parents about capsules and questions about which one will suit their needs. Which capsule is the best? Which is the safest? Which will fit in my car?  What if I have a small car?  What if I already have one or two car sears already in the car? Which will fit onto my pram to make a … Read More →

What to do in Melbourne – Melbourne Zoo


Here is some helpful information if you are planning to visit the Melbourne Zoo on your next holiday to Melbourne Where is the Zoo? Melbourne Zoo is located only minutes north from the city centre, within Royal Park,  at Elliott Ave, Parkville How to get there Driving  – Car parking costs $2 for five hours.  There is parking at the front and back entrances to the zoo By Tram – … Read More →

Which capsule will fit onto my pram?

Want to make getting around with your baby a whole lot easier?  Well you need a travel system! A travel system is a combination of a pram and detachable capsule.  With so many prams on the market it can be confusing as to which capsule can fit onto your pram.  To help make things easier Just take the Kids have put together a detailed listing of pram/capsule compatibility. Click on … Read More →