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Product Description

Starting as early as eight weeks, it is possible to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Although your child’s heart rate is checked at every prenatal appointment, if you have experienced numerous miscarriages or serious pregnancy complications in previous pregnancies, you may be a bit apprehensive about having to wait so long to know that your baby is healthy.

Using a Fetal Monitor at home can provide parents with comfort, peace of mind and reassurance that their pregnancy is progressing as it should.

Fetal Doppler Monitors are handheld devices that are generally easy to use. The at home model runs on batteries. If you are considering using one of these devices, you can start trying to detect your baby’s heartbeat as early as eight weeks although most parents won’t be able to find the heartbeat until the 10th to 12th week of pregnancy.

Because these devices are meant to be used at home, using and reading a Fetal Doppler Monitors is fairly simple. To find your child’s heartbeat, place the special gel on your belly just above the pubic bone and then slowly move the probe around, tilting it at different angles. Digital fetal monitors will automatically display the number of heart beats per minute on their screen.

The Fetal Doppler Monitors is a waterproof design which allows you to use it during home births and allows to monitor the baby’s hear rate during soothing warm showers.


• Compact design, Automatic switch off
• Measuring range: 30-240 BPM
• Intellectual cancellation of erroneous Fetal Heart Rate (FHR)
• Accurate FHR detecting with digital LCD display
• Audible alarm with comfortable music in abnormal FHR
• Multi-detecting modes of FHR: transient FHR, mean FHR, manual FHR